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Official representative of the Truvor trademark in Chelyabinsk.

Currently, "Truvor" is a chain of salons of men's classic clothing, located in 5 largest shopping and entertainment complexes of the city of Chelyabinsk and an online store.


The Truvor trademark (Slavyanka factory) is the largest enterprise of the clothing industry in Russia for the production of men's and children's suits.

The volume and quality of products are provided by 1,100 people involved in the production process.

TRUVOR-the name of the legendary Varangian Prince, ruler of the Pskov land. The image of Truvor is a symbol of strength, courage and wise government.

In 2015, Pskov garment factory "Slavyanka" celebrated its 70th anniversary.

Since 1983, Elena Kosenkova, an honored worker of the textile and light industry, has been managing the factory's team.she is the "Best Manager of Russia", twice winner of the "Business person of the year" contest, and was awarded the Order of honor by the decree of the President of Russia V. V. Putin in 2002.

The production is equipped with modern high-tech equipment, which allows us to produce high-quality products with high labor productivity. The preparation and cutting shop is equipped with automated GERBER cutting systems, sewing shops with high-performance semi-automatic machines and wet-heat processing complexes.

The TRUVOR trademark created at the factory is known in Russia and abroad. Representative offices are located in various cities of Russia, and TRUVOR has its own branded stores.

In 2002, the factory received the international TUV CERT certificate for the ISO 9001-2000 quality management system.

In 2014, we received a "Certificate certifying that the collections of outerwear of the men's and boys' costume groups of the "TRUVOR" brand correspond to the highest quality level established by the "Russian quality"program.

In 2015, the company Slavyanka received a certificate of awarding the title "Best company of the year". Winner of the Star of quality of Russia public recognition award in the category manufacturers of children's goods. Federal project "quality Mark" of the political party "United Russia".

In 2016, Slavyanka was awarded the title of "Best company of the year"again.

The company's management is constantly striving to improve the methods and forms of organizing the production process, looking for ways to progress in improving productivity, flexibility and efficiency of production, and the quality of products.

2017-Slavyanka CJSC was included in the top 10 enterprises of the textile and light industry in Russia. (All-Russian forum of light industry organized by the Ministry of industry and trade of Russia).

Slavyanka CJSC is a winner of the national award in the field of fashion Industry "Golden spindle" in the category industrial collection.

2020 - 75 years of the company "Slavyanka".

No matter how whimsical and "flighty" fashion is, it can not cope with the classics in any way, because it is a style of respectability and success, confidence and grace.

You can sing hymns to the classics for a long time and a lot, but it is better to pay tribute to those who create it, style it for modernity and keep it afloat for 75 years!

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